About us

At Sleep Focus we care about helping you achieve your optimal quality of sleep. If you are suffering from a diagnosed sleeping disorder, such as sleep apnoea and snoring, or if you are just looking to improve your sleep, we may have the perfect sleeping aid for you. 

All of our products are scientifically-based on published research, with high rates of success if used correctly as recommended. These products are not replacements for medically-prescribed devices, such as CPAP machines and Mandibular Advancement Splints, but they are effective as an adjunct to such therapies.

Sleep Focus is the trading name of our company, DentoMed Pty. Ltd. Established in 2016, the venture was founded by two practicing health professionals, who are passionate about treating patients with sleeping disorders. Based in Melbourne, we are an Australian made business that is proud to operate with dignity, honesty, and fairness.