Max Air Nose Cones®*

Max Air Nose Cones®*

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Squeezie-soft, Max-Air Nose Cones®* maximize nasal breathing volume to gently relieve deviated septum, stop snoring, relieve blocked nose and collapsed nasal airways for a deep and peaceful sleep.

Please note: Each box of Max-Air Nose Cones®* contains two sets of Max-Air Nose Cones®*, or four Cones in total. Each set lasts up to 45 days, resulting in 90 days worth of use per box. Our closest competitor has 3 sets in each box, lasting only 10 days per set, resulting in only 30 days worth of use per box. Although theirs are priced at AUD$29 per box, our Max-Air Nose Cones®* present as much better value at AUD$57 per box.

What are Max-Air Nose Cones recommended for?

Because they are our softest product, new Max-Air Nose Cones®* are recommended for milder airway problems that only present themselves during sleep. Such as:

  • stopping snoring,
  • relieving breathing problems due to mild deviated septum,
  • alleviating stuffy nose problems during sleep from swollen turbinates,
  • managing nasal airway congestion or blockage problems inside CPAP,
  • general nasal stuffiness problems that only trouble you during sleep,
  • dry-mouth breathing during sleep,
  • for severe nasal collapse problems or sinus issues consider trying our firmer Sinus Cones.

It’s easy to determine your size of
Max-Air Nose Cones.

How to Size: Max Air Nose Cones instructional video

How to Size: Max-Air Nose Cones instructional video

Measure your thumb as shown.

Your fingers are correlated to the inside size of your nose, and we have developed a patented formula that uses the width of your thumb to gauge the size of your nasal airway and the most suitable size cone.

(No need to put your thumb in your nose. Just use this simple method and let our sizing system do the rest.)

Use a ruler

1 – Place your thumb at the beginning edge of a ruler, press down on the ruler and then find the widest measurement mark showing on the ruler.
2 – Measure the entire width of the thumb (including the skin) from the left side to the right side, as shown.
3 – Use our sizing chart as reference to determine what size Cones to order based on the width of your thumb.

If your thumb measures:

3/4″ (.75 of an inch) or less, select the size small.

If your thumb measures more than 3/4″ to 1″ (.75 of an inch to one inch), select the size medium.

If your thumb measures more than 1″ (more than one inch), select the size large.

Please note: If you are right on the line between two sizes, we suggest ordering both sizes. Sometimes nasal airways are not the same size and two sizes are necessary. If this is the situation with your nasal airways, try each size in each airway to determine which size fits which nasal airway best. Choose your size carefully because we are unable to return, nor exchange, tried, or used, cones, due to hygiene reasons. 


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